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Tile and grout cleaning can be a tough job and you want to make sure that your tile and grout investments are being protected. Most workplaces just damp their tiles with a mop. However, the result of this cleaning method is that soil is slopped into the grout between the tiles and becomes unsanitary. Dirt is trapped in between the seams and pores of the tile and grout causing the surface to appear darker, dirty, and unattractive. Your grout lines are absorbent and can easily capture grease, dirt, and stains from routine mopping. Mold and mildew can easily grow in damp areas and could raise potential health and safety concerns for your home or business. Mopping your tile floors may not be the most effective cleaning methods for grout because when you mop the floors, dirt scatters from the tiled area and the dirty water settles in the grout joints. Over time, the colour of the grout will disappear from all the build up from the floor cleaner residue and dirty water causing it to appear unattractive.

Proper identification of the types of tile is essential to prevent disastrous damage to the tiles. Fresh and Clean’s technicians are able to identify the natural stone such as serpentine, granite, or marble and man-made items such as porcelain and ceramics to prevent these disasters.

Fresh and Clean uses vapour steamers and a nylon brush.This is followed by a deep hot water extraction. This method eliminates the use of caustic acidic cleaning solutions and helps loosen and remove soil, grease, grime, and mildew out from your tile and grout surfaces.

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