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Mattress cleaning

mattress cleaning

When cleaning your mattress, Fresh and Clean uses a three-step cleaning process to ensure the very best results.

1.) Hepa Filter Vacuum the mattress
To remove dust, dead skin and any other particles from mattress

2.) Pre-treat all stains on the mattress
To break down the stain and make it easier to be cleaned out of the mattress Fresh and Clean uses organic nonchemical solutions, so there will be no toxic emissions

3.) Low Moisture steam clean and Extract
The mattress is steamed cleaned and the water is extracted to ensure faster drying time

An additional service for mattress cleaning is the Anti Allergen Treatment.

Those who are allergen and asthma sufferers would benefit from this treatment, or for those who wish to prevent allergy or asthma symptoms from flaring.

This treatment is effective on dust mite allergens. Dust mites are found in mattresses, pillows, bedding, etc, places with moisture and feed off of flakes of human skin.

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