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Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery / Office Dividers Cleaning and Protection

In some work environment, the office/workstation is home to many of the employees for over eight hours a day. An employee can spend more time at their workstation than anywhere else in their life. These workstations are often made of synthetic fiber and will filter in allergens and indoor environmental pollutants causing allergies and other health problems. However, cleaning dividers, chairs, curtains, and blinds within the workstation are an excellent solution to improve the indoor air quality in a workplace.

At Fresh and Clean, our certified technicians are experienced in cleaning all types of office furniture’s from sofas, chairs, dividers, cushions, and more. Carpet cleaning extractors with specialized solutions are the primary method used to clean upholstery fabric. These specialty tools are used to clean these fabrics whether it is Cotton, Cotton Blend, Micro suede, Wool, Wool Blends, Polyester, Leather, or Vinyl. Depending on the situation, these specialty tools are used to clean helps control the flow of moisture and keep it from penetrating into the body of the furniture. Some dividers develop folds and ripples, but the use of a vapour steamer is extremely effective at eliminating them and returning the dividers to its normal condition. Cleaning chairs and sofas in the workplace environment helps removes allergens and improves the indoor air quality.

Fresh and Clean has all natural cleaning solutions that are safe for most fabrics. This is important because many upholstery furniture pieces are covered in natural fibers that will degrade and fade from the use of improper chemicals. Application of fabric protection is also available to extend the life of the company’s upholstery and protect it against stains from becoming permanent.

Fresh and Clean teaches IICRC Upholstery and Fabric Technician Certification classes along with a number of IICRC certified carpet-cleaning classes. All technicians are required to pass these classes before attempting to clean upholstery.

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