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Carpet Stain removal

Carpet stain removal

For each type of stain, we carry a stain remover. While it is impossible to guarantee full stain removal from a carpet, your best chance within Toronto is to call Fresh and Clean.

If a stain will not come out through our regular cleaning process we will have our stain specialist return to remove the stain at no additional charge*


Stain removers we carry include molecular modifiers, which change the stain on a molecular level to make it colorless. We also carry stain removers that work by heat transfer, with which added heat will transfer the stain from the carpet or fabric to an absorbent cloth. In addition, each technician carries a full range of spot and stain removers in their truck.

For bleach and other stains involving color loss, we offer spot dyeing services.

Spot Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Repair

Fresh and Clean provide colour repair to carpets by employing, “carpet dyeing and bleach repair” techniques with excellent results. We use dyes and tricks of the trade to repair bleach stains and colour loss from harsh cleaning chemicals. We provide side-to-side colour blending on new carpets requiring this type of service.

For a free in home estimate and to discuss carpet dyeing and/or bleach repair, please call us 416-604-0607

To ensure the technician has the proper product when he goes into your home (as some products are generally kept in the office), please mention on the phone any stains you are particularly concerned about.

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