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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Carpet Cleaning & Restoration
  • Commercial Carpet Maintenance Programs
  • Upholstery / Office Dividers Cleaning and Protection
  • Area Rug Cleaning & Repair
  • Drapery Cleaning & Repair
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing
  • Garbage Chute Cleaning & Sweeping
  • Power Washing (Deck/Fence/Garage/Parking Lot)
  • Pressure Wash Cleaning
  • Siding Cleaning
  • Sidewalk Gum Removal

Commercial Steam Cleaning

Carpets are well known to trap and hold a lot of pollutants. Flushing carpets with steam cleaning (the hot water extraction method) is an excellent way of further removing soil from our indoor environment.

Our workplace environmental standards have changed significantly over the last few years. No longer is it acceptable to use cleaning products that have scents or give off chemical odours (known as VOCs). The use of safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions is now expected by many companies and facilities. Fresh and Clean has been using “green” carpet cleaning solutions for over a decade.

Our primary cleaning solution is a food based product. It is effective enough that it has achieved the prestigious Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. This product cleans extremely well and has absolutely no scent.

We also have our own proprietary cleaning pre-treatments for heavily soiled carpets that need a little extra punch. This cleaning solution is a plant based micelle product. It is absolutely safe and has no significant odour.

We can couple our steam cleaning method with other machines to expedite drying times or provide more agitation to lift up the nap of the carpet.

We recommend that you have an on-site visit from one of our certified technicians or the carpet inspector himself. We will provide you with the necessary information for you to make an informed decision on the best way to clean your carpet.

Commercial Carpet Maintenance

We offer and recommend maintenance programs for commercial establishments, to preserve the value of the carpet and extend its useful lifespan. These programs would be conceived after an on-site consultation, often from our certified Carpet Inspector.

A properly maintained carpet not only lasts longer, but also looks better over its lifespan and especially between cleanings. In a carpet which is cleaned when it appears “dirty”, the time between cleanings diminishes substantially after the first cleaning. In a properly maintained carpet the carpet’s appearance diminishes much more slowly, as it is continually cleaned. The reason for slower soiling is more regular vacuuming as well as dry cleaning, in addition to steam cleaning (which is where the appearance level rises noticeably).

Upholstery / Office Dividers Cleaning and Protection

In some work environment, the office/workstation is home to many of the employees for over eight hours a day. An employee can spend more time at their workstation than anywhere else in their life. These workstations are often made of synthetic fiber and will filter in allergens and indoor environmental pollutants causing allergies and other health problems. However, cleaning dividers, chairs, curtains, and blinds within the workstation are an excellent solution to improve the indoor air quality in a workplace.

At Fresh and Clean, our certified technicians are experienced in cleaning all types of office furniture’s from sofas, chairs, dividers, cushions, and more. Carpet cleaning extractors with specialized solutions are the primary method used to clean upholstery fabric. These specialty tools are used to clean these fabrics whether it is Cotton, Cotton Blend, Micro suede, Wool, Wool Blends, Polyester, Leather, or Vinyl. Depending on the situation, these specialty tools are used to clean helps control the flow of moisture and keep it from penetrating into the body of the furniture. Some dividers develop folds and ripples, but the use of a vapour steamer is extremely effective at eliminating them and returning the dividers to its normal condition. Cleaning chairs and sofas in the workplace environment helps removes allergens and improves the indoor air quality.

Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Tile and grout cleaning can be a tough job and you want to make sure that your tile and grout investments are being protected. Most workplaces just damp their tiles with a mop. However, the result of this cleaning method is that soil is slopped into the grout between the tiles and becomes unsanitary. Dirt is trapped in between the seams and pores of the tile and grout causing the surface to appear darker, dirty, and unattractive. Your grout lines are absorbent and can easily capture grease, dirt, and stains from routine mopping. Mold and mildew can easily grow in damp areas and could raise potential health and safety concerns for your home or business. Mopping your tile floors may not be the most effective cleaning methods for grout because when you mop the floors, dirt scatters from the tiled area and the dirty water settles in the grout joints. Over time, the colour of the grout will disappear from all the build up from the floor cleaner residue and dirty water causing it to appear unattractive.

Proper identification of the types of tile is essential to prevent disastrous damage to the tiles. Fresh and Clean’s technicians are able to identify the natural stone such as serpentine, granite, or marble and man-made items such as porcelain and ceramics to prevent these disasters.

Fresh and Clean uses an oscillating pad machine with a nylon brush to clean the crevices of the tiles and get into the grout. This is followed by a deep hot water extraction by a truck-powered extraction unit. This method eliminates the use of caustic acidic cleaning solutions and helps loosen and remove soil, grease, grime, and mildew out from your tile and grout surfaces.

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