Residential Carpet Cleaning

Today, many people want to have their carpets cleaned using the safest eco-friendly solution. Green carpet cleaning is usually viewed as using non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for humans and the environment. At Fresh and Clean we use cleaning solutions that are exactly that. Fresh and Clean uses environmentally safe cleaning solutions for residential carpet cleaning with hot water extraction and high pressure deep steam cleaning to remove tough dirt, soil, grit, grime and stains deep down in your carpets. Our steam cleaning and low moisture methods employ cleaning solutions that are made of 100% food and botanical ingredients. Our carpet cleaning method helps extend the life of your carpets keeping it lasting long and beautiful. Fresh and clean will help make your carpets looking like new and provide a healthier living condition for you and your loved ones. We are very considerate of the amount of water we use and how it is disposed of.

Green Carpet Cleaning

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